Patient Spotlight: Marnee

Forrest and Sarah met in 2016 and were married in 2018. Their love didn’t need to move mountains, it just needed to create something that would allow Sarah to spend every waking moment with her love, Forrest. Faces in Bloom has done just that....




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What services have you undergone at Faces in Bloom?

Botox, lip & Chin fillers. Hydrofacial.

What’s been your favorite service, and why?

Chin filler is my favorite procedure due to its ability to enhance facial harmony and balance, its versatility in customization, its non-surgical nature, its immediate and long-lasting results, and its minimal risks when performed by a skilled practitioner. I believe it can make a significant positive impact on one’s appearance and self-confidence.

What skincare product have you purchased at Faces in Bloom that you can’t live without, and why?

Skinbetter Science AlphaRet and she loves it because it keeps her young!

What would you tell someone on the fence about making an appointment?

If you are still unsure, I encourage you to take the leap and make an appointment at Faces in Bloom. The level of care, expertise, and professionalism you will experience is truly exceptional. You deserve to feel pampered and rejuvenated, and everyone on staff will exceed your expectations. Fillers and Botox have been a game changer for my aesthetics and self-confidence. The treatments have helped enhance my facial features in ways that feel natural and subtle, yet remarkably transformative.

In three words (or more, whatever feels best), describe the team, environment, or your experience(s)!

The level of expertise and dedication displayed by Sarah, Forrest, and Miranda is truly outstanding. They take the time to listen to concerns and understand the end goal, ensuring that every treatment was tailored to my specific needs. Their extensive knowledge and experience in the field of aesthetics show through with each visit, making me feel comfortable and confident in their hands.





Together, we go wayyyy further! Each team member at Faces in Bloom plays an important role in our success as a whole. From booking your appointment to walking out of our suite with a smile and superb results, we work collectively to ensure each patient receives the impeccable, FIB experience. We strive to know each one of you, so don’t be alarmed if a fellow FIB teammate pops in to say hello! 

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