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Faces in Bloom was created when Sarah Bloom, FNP decided that she wanted to use her degree to specifically focus on anti-aging and human empowerment.

She is a firm believer that, “when someone feels strong and confident, incredible opportunities will arise for them!” This concept is based on the law of attraction, where great things happen to great-feeling people, creating their our own destinies through the power of their thinking.

Sarah began her aesthetic journey at an injectable powerhouse, Skin by Lovely, in Portland, Oregon. She received impeccable training before choosing to open her own practice in February of 2019. She worked nonstop for one year, fine-tuning her skills in injectables and implementing the opposite concept of the Jack of all trades. Her hope: to become a master at one.

 Because what do you get from going to a specialist that does only injectables all day, everyday? More consistent, superb results.

When the Coronavirus devastatingly struck the nation in March of 2020, Sarah was forced to temporarily refrain from injecting and stay at home. Long, emotionally-difficult days resulted in powerful change for her business. Forrest, Sarah’s husband, was able to witness for the first time, Sarah’s dedication and passion for the medical aesthetic field. In fact, Forrest began to develop an admiration for injectables and skincare himself. They quickly found out that when they work together, they fuel each other.

Forrest joined the Faces in Bloom team in 2020.


faces in bloom

our mission

Our mission at Faces in Bloom is to empower individuals, resulting in them living more confident and improved lives. 

We do in that three ways

Education that delivers a newfound understanding of one’s own body and the options available to them




Delivering impeccable, natural-looking results due to the specialization of injectables only

A no-pressure medical atmosphere that allows them to be the leading voice in their care plan

This business and this “power couple” have the same foundation: 


Forrest and Sarah met in 2016 and were married by 2018. Their love didn’t need to move mountains, it just needed to create something that would allow them to spend the majority of their days together. Faces in Bloom has done just that. Rather than working apart from each other for 40+ hours/week, they get to work together, in clinic and at home… creating a life they’ve always dreamt of. Together with their 4-year-old daughter, they focus on living fully, giving back, empowering others, and connecting in ways that make everyone feel like family. 

What WE'RE


Connecting with the community and being a pivotal part of others’ self-love journey!

What WE'RE 


A little bit of this and that from every person we encounter! Our interactions with Faces in Bloom patients are invaluable.

What WE'RE 

not about

Over-exaggerated, obvious, or fake-looking results.

what WE


Aging can be supported gracefully! By utilizing our services correctly, you can preserve and polish how you look, rather than change it. 


be outdoors

we love to travel



Nothing is more powerful than kind, confident humans who believe they create their own destinies. 



You no longer need to battle the hectic, congestion of Portland in order to receive top beauty services! Faces in Bloom is centrally located near the Vancouver Mall in a medical office building; where parking is not only free, it’s convenient, safe, and within eyesight.

If you’re coming from Oregon, you will delight in our flexible, traffic-avoiding appointment hours! Many providers work on weekends, evenings, and during lunchtime.


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"Being a little boujee is never a bad thing!"

"Injecting confidence is my passion."

"The love of my life is skincare...and my wife is pretty great, too!"


MEET OUR team of 


“I’m new to Faces in Bloom and I have to say that they are just the best. I felt so welcome, relaxed, and as if I was in the company of friends (who are beauty/aesthetic experts, of course).”

I worked with Sarah and she takes great pride in her work and makes a commitment to give you the best results. She takes the time to get to know you, identifies your goals, and offers helpful teaching. I could tell that she genuinely cares about providing the best outcomes for her patients. I love my results!

“I’ve had nothing but fantastic service when going to Faces in Bloom from the whole team.”

I drive 45 minutes one way just to see them. I don’t do well with needles, and Sarah and Forrest did amazing in making sure I was comfortable through the whole thing, even fanning me when I got too warm. They both do amazing in explaining what to expect, before, during and after, I felt completely informed and never pressured. I’d highly recommend Faces in Bloom to anyone that’s looking for amazing results, a comfortable and trustworthy atmosphere, and a team who cares about their patients.

“15 stars - I won’t go anywhere else but Faces in Bloom! I can’t describe how incredible my experiences have been at this business!!!!!! ”

I have been to four other businesses in the past, all needing multiple touch-ups each time to get it ‘just right’ but not here! PERFECT the 1st time!!! I couldn’t wait for my follow-up appointment, there is something so special here. Genuine, caring, professional, experts! The best in Clark County and beyond. Just book! I also LOVE the membership! Not one time did anyone push skin care products or other services. They were so helpful in answering any and all questions I had. Looking forward to my next visit! Thank you all so much for everything! I’m so grateful <3




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