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01AboutFaces in Bloom

Faces in Bloom was created when Sarah Bloom, MSN, FNP-C decided that she wanted to use her degree to specifically focus on anti-aging and human empowerment. She is a firm believer that, “when someone feels strong and confident, incredible opportunities will arise for them!” This concept is based on the law of attraction, where great things happen to great-feeling people… and that we can create our own destinies through the power of our thinking.

In 2018, Sarah worked as nurse practitioner in a specialty she didn’t love. Her basic career needs of making a large difference in people’s lives and utilizing her god-given skills to full capacity were not being fulfilled. At that time, Sarah’s office was ironically being shared with an aesthetic company, so the next portion of this story won’t surprise you. She soon found herself dreaming of injectables, skincare, and all things anti-aging, wishing that she could be a part of an industry that yielded such powerful and positive outcomes. A few days and one pivotal conversation with her husband later, mission become an “injection specialist” was set into motion.

Sarah began her aesthetic journey at injectable powerhouse, Skin by Lovely, in Portland, Oregon. She received impeccable training before choosing to open her own practice in February of 2019.

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02MeetThe Power Couple

Meet the ManagementMeet the ManagementSarah BloomForest
Sarah Bloom
Sarah Bloom
Nurse Practitioner, Medical Director
Angela Biasi
Forrest Schiffman
Registered Nurse, Anti-Aging Specialist

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Forrest was extremely thorough with his consultation prior to administering my botox injections. This was not my first time getting botox, but I felt extremely comfortable at Faces in Bloom. The demeanor... Stacy K.
Consulting with Sarah for my first ever round of Botox (although, I actually used a newer product called Jeaveau) was super informative and comfortable. She listened to my concerns, educated me on... Cynthia M.
I recently had a skincare consultation with Forrest at Faces in Bloom. He was so personable and easy to talk to. Forrest was also very informative about the medical-grade skincare that Faces... Amanda R.
Sarah Bloom recently treated the scar on my forehead with PRP. I was incredibly skeptical going into the treatment. The process however was a breeze and very quick. A month later, my... Jake H.
Sarah is incredible!!! I was undecided on what I wanted for a while, shopping around with other popular practitioners in the area and what stood out to me about Sarah is how... Katherine R.
Sarah gave me the best lip filler experience I could ask for! She did everything she could to keep me as comfortable as possible, along with educating me on how she was... Chelsee M.

06Blog andUpdates

At Faces in Bloom, we feel that it is important to keep our clients informed and updated on all things beauty! Sit in your favorite chair, grab a snack, and browse through your favorite aesthetic topics to learn more. After all, “me time”is imperative to self-care!

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The Best Sunscreens For Everyday

I think one of the most common patterns I’ve noticed since working in the skincare industry is the under utilization of sunscreen....

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Fishing for Love

If you have stumbled upon this blog post, welcome to the full story of how Faces in Bloom came to be… Sarah...

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Why Do I Need A Skincare Specialist?

Deciphering through skincare products online can be more than intimidating. Does the product actually do what it claims? Are the reviews credible?...

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07DirectionsTo Us

You no longer need to battle the hectic, congestion of Portland in order to receive top beauty services! Faces in Bloom is centrally located near the Vancouver Mall in a medical office building; where parking is not only free, it’s convenient, safe, and within eyesight.

If you’re coming from Oregon, you will delight in our flexible, traffic-avoiding appointment hours! Many providers work on weekends, evenings, and during lunchtime.

9120 NE Vancouver Mall Lp Ste 210
Vancouver, WA 98662
9120 NE Vancouver Mall all Ste 210
Vancouver, WA 98662

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