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Together, we go wayyyy further! Each team member at Faces in Bloom plays an important role in our success as a whole. From booking your appointment to walking out of our suite with a smile and superb results, we work collectively to ensure each patient receives the impeccable, FIB experience. We strive to know each one of you, so don’t be alarmed if a fellow FIB teammate pops in to say hello! 



I still can’t believe that I’m here; I’ve made it! It’s been a long road to get here, but I’m finally in the industry that I love, executing the treatments that fuel me.

I worked as a critical care Registered Nurse (RN) for 5 years before receiving my Master’s Degree in Nursing and becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). I chose to go down that strenuous path in the hopes that larger, more significant doors would open for my future… since becoming an FNP meant I’d be able to prescribe, diagnose, and just overall, make a bigger difference in people’s lives. However, in my first NP position, I found myself still feeling very unfulfilled. Primary care was exhausting, while other specialties felt like plain “work.” Fast forward to 2018, a life-altering event put me in the arms of medical aesthetics, a career I’d never even thought of before. I began working at Skin by Lovely in Portland, where I received invaluable training from a leader in the industry. Six months later, I started my own business and I’ve NEVER been happier!

Born and raised in “The Couve,” I spend most of my free time with my family and goofy pups, adventuring the outdoors!

"Injecting confidence is my passion."

"The love of my life is skincare... and my wife is pretty great, too!"

My passion for skincare began long before Faces in Bloom's operations. When I met Sarah, my now wife and business partner, I had severe cystic acne on my face, chest, and back. I tried numerous treatments and gave up, leaving myself with the thought that I would live with that skin condition for the rest of my life. Sarah showed me treatments that I never know existed, which changed my skin and my confidence!

After completing my nursing degree at Clark College, I accepted a residency position at a local hospital where I learned that nursing is much more than taking care of sick people, but rather helping people through their lowest of lows.  My knowledge of human anatomy, deep care for patients' struggles, and meticulous attention to detail come from my 3 years of hospital nursing experience. I wouldn't change a thing about how I got to where I am now!

I never thought that my heart would draw me into becoming an aesthetic nurse specialist, but after watching my wife make so many positive impacts on others' lives, I knew it would be a rewarding career. I will do everything that I can to help you achieve your skincare goals!



My career in the medical field started 12 years ago when I graduated with my Associates Degree, majoring in Science. Since then, I have been working in the medical field as a medical assistant and then moving to the business side of the industry for the last 8 years. I have always had a passion for aesthetics and helping others feel their best. Faces in Bloom has brought me further joy and passion to my career; I love being able to oversee the day to day operations!

When I'm not at Faces in Bloom, I enjoy spending time with my husband and 2 boys. Watching my boys play sports, traveling, shopping, and volunteering my time in the community are my main hobbies.



“Being a little boujee is never a bad thing!”


Front Desk, Patient Coordinator

My relationship with skincare has been life long! I remember since I was a young girl, I loved being educated in the aesthetic space, staying up to date on all of the latest practices. Having the best skincare products and routine is when I feel like I am the most put together. 

My connection with Faces in Bloom started as a patient, then as a friend, and now I am part of the family. Going into my appointments with the FIB team were some of the most exciting times for me! I knew I wanted to somehow become a part of their culture. I am so happy to now work for Faces in Bloom and I can’t wait to grow my knowledge in aesthetics. 

“Aesthetic medicine is where science meets art; where research marries creativity.”

I began my nursing career in 2019 after graduating from George Fox University and spent the first 4 years of my nursing career working on a Medical/Surgical unit at OHSU. After leaving the bedside, I began working at an Outpatient Plastic Surgery Center and an Aesthetic Clinic where I began my journey in aesthetic injectables.

My commitment to patient wellbeing and satisfaction is apparent, as I strive to empower individuals to not only look their best but to feel their best as well. At the core of my approach is a dedication to helping clients embrace their natural beauty and cultivate confidence from within. With a keen eye for detail, treatment plans are personalized to accentuate each individuals features while maintaining a natural, refreshed appearance. 

When I am not working my dream job, I love spending time with my husband and our 3 dogs, doing DIY projects around the house, or traveling to countries I’ve never been before!


Sarah M.

"To make a difference in someone’s life you don’t have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful, or perfect. You have to care."



What an honor it is to be here! My career in nursing started at the bedside, but my heart has always been in aesthetics. When I became a mom in 2023, I chose to take some time off to stay home with my son. After eight months, I was eager to return to nursing, but I knew it had to be for something I was truly passionate about: aesthetics. I accepted a position at an aesthetic clinic in Oregon, marking the start of my journey, but my career values were not being met. I yearned to join a clinic that prioritized ethics and patient outcomes over money. Fast forward to today, and I couldn't be happier! Joining the Faces in Bloom has been a dream come true!

When I'm not at the clinic, I enjoy spending time with my wonderful husband and keeping up with our energetic toddler, whom I adore.

I look forward to doing everything I can to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Cheers!

"Turning back time, one injection at a time!"

Hi, my name is Madison Hosford, and I am a Registered Nurse at Faces in Bloom! I have my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Seattle Pacific University and currently live in Ridgefield, WA. As far as my nursing career, I have experience in the neonatal and pediatric intensive care units. I love being an aesthetic nurse because it allows me to help people feel more confident in who they are and how they feel from the outside in. I am passionate about educating my patients and giving them the information they need to make the best decisions regarding their treatment plans. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my dogs, and my boyfriend Robert. I love being outdoors, going on walks, and spending time with family and friends!

registered nurse, injection specialist



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