Why Do I Need A Skincare Specialist?

Deciphering through skincare products online can be more than intimidating. Does the product actually do what it claims? Are the reviews credible? You may have even thought, “my best friend uses this and loves it, but her skin is different than mine.”

When you establish care at Faces in Bloom, you won’t be left with those same obstacles. Your skincare routine will not be the same as your best friend, nor will it be the same as the patient who had an appointment before you. Your skin is unique and therefore, your product lineup will be too.

“What does this vitamin C serum do, again?” Having a skincare specialist has so many benefits. Sarah and I are here to listen, understand, and educate! You’re going to know why, how, and when. And if you forget, we’re here to help.

So why do you need a skincare specialist?
1) To thoroughly explain each product’s purpose and ingredients
2) To guide you in picking the most effective skincare regimen
3) To explain to you how to incorporate new products into your current routine
4) To advise you on what products are safe/unsafe during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and more
5) To prescribe you products that you cannot purchase without seeing a physician or nurse practitioner
6) To evaluate your skin’s status at face-to-face appointments, making changes as needed
7) To be a real person in a world filled with online chats and poor customer service

Personal story… for the last two years, I have had my wife as my very own personal skincare specialist. If you’ve seen me recently, you may have thought, “He has great skin.” I don’t say this to bloat. My story isn’t one of clear complexions and galloping slow motion in fields full or dandelions. I actually have very acne-prone, sensitive skin. When Faces in Bloom was established, Sarah started me on medical-grade skincare immediately. She had read the research studies and knew that it was worth the investment.

Fast forward; I have been on the same products for over 12 months. My skin is clear and healthy, without acne, redness, dryness, or oilniess. What I have personally discovered is that your skin, just like everything else in life, takes time and effort. You get out what you put in. If you commit and stick to a regimen religiously, you will reap great rewards.

If you are interested in booking a skincare consultation with me (Forrest) or Sarah, please use the link on the booking page and find skincare consultation. If you truly want results, take the time and make the effort. We will be there for you every step of the way!

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