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Botox is one of the most popular and widely recognized wrinkle relaxers in the medical aesthetic field. It provides anti-aging and cosmetic enhancement solutions, helping you minimize the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles, as well as improving asymmetrical features.

Botox contains botulinum toxin Type A, a chemical that can temporarily stop a muscle from contracting by blocking the signaling process between the nerves and muscles. Injecting small amounts of Botox in certain areas of your face can relax wrinkle-causing muscles, giving you smoother skin and a more youthful appearance.

What’s Inside:

What are the most effective target areas of Botox?

Forehead wrinkles and “11” lines between eyebrows

The forehead is the most common treatment area for Botox injections. The product is highly effective in reducing the horizontal wrinkles along your brow, as well as the vertical lines (“11 lines”) in the glabella area or the area in your forehead between the eyebrows. At our Portland/Vancouver, WA aesthetic center, we typically inject 10 to 30 units of Botox to reduce forehead wrinkles, and 10 to 25 units to smoothen 11 lines.

Upper eyebrow area

Botox may also be used in non-surgical facelifts. If you have asymmetrical or droopy eyebrows, injecting 2 to 5 units of Botox on each side can temporarily relax the muscles that cause your upper eyelids to droop, mimicking the effects of an eyebrow lift.

Crow’s feet and Nasalis (“bunny lines” around the nose)

Your skin gets thinner as you age, especially around your eye area. When you smile or laugh, the muscles in your face contract, forming small, branch-like lines around the eyes (crow’s feet) and rabbit-like wrinkles on the side of your nose (bunny lines). Early Botox treatments can minimize muscle contraction in these areas, preventing the wrinkles from becoming deeper and more prominent. At our Portland/Vancouver, WA center, we recommend injecting around 5 to 15 units of Botox for crow’s feet, and 5 to 10 units for bunny lines.

Parenthesis lines or creases around the corners of the mouth

Laughing, smiling, eating, talking – plenty of muscle activity happens around your mouth, which leads to the formation of parenthesis lines. These can extend towards the jaw and cause the corners of the mouth to droop, resulting in a “sad” look. Administering 3 to 6 units of Botox on each corner can help temporarily uplift these areas and minimize the appearance of parenthesis lines.

Dimpled chin

A good amount of muscle hyperactivity also happens around the chin. As you grow older, the natural loss of collagen can make the dips and lines around a dimpled chin more pronounced. Injecting around 2 to 6 units of Botox can help relax the muscles in the chin, giving it a smoother appearance and a more youthful plumpness.

How do Botox treatments work?

Before the treatment

If you get Botox treatment in our Portland/Vancouver, WA center, we shall first sit down with you to discuss your concerns, medical history, and the treatment itself. We shall also apprise you of the things you need to do in preparation for the procedure. These include:

  • Make sure you’re a good candidate for the treatment. During the consultation, remember to let your anti-aging specialist know if:
    • You have any allergies or infection in the target areas
    • You have any medical condition such as cold sores, muscle and nerve disorders, difficulty in breathing or swallowing, and bleeding
    • You are pregnant or breast-feeding
    • You recently had surgery or are scheduled for surgery after the procedure

  • Avoid blood thinning or anti-inflammatory medications. Bruising and swelling are common side-effects of Botox treatments, especially around the injection sites. You can minimize this by avoiding the following medications or supplements two weeks before the treatment:
    • All NSAIDs (Ibuprofen®, Aleve®, Aspirin®, Motrin®)
    • Fish oil (or any Omega-3 supplements)
    • Vitamin E
    • Gingko Biloba
    • St. John’s Wort

  • Don’t smoke or drink any alcoholic and caffeinated drinks. Smoking can increase your chances of bruising and interfere with the healing process. Alcoholic and caffeinated drinks can act as blood thinners as well. We recommend avoiding them at least 2 to 3 days before the procedure.
  • Come with a clean face. Make sure to wash your face and keep it makeup-free before going to your appointment. You can also pre-treat with Arnica Montana cream or pellets to greatly minimize bruising.
  • Relax. Botox procedures are fast and simple, but we understand that it can be nerve-wracking if it’s your first time. Try to schedule your procedure at a date and time that’s most convenient for you so that you won’t feel rushed or stressed. Also, remember to eat and drink plenty of water before the appointment to avoid feeling lightheaded during the treatment.

During the procedure

Here at Faces in Bloom, our Botox wrinkle treatment procedure has three basic steps:

  • Step 1: Assessment and photo taking. You are the leading voice in your own treatment plan, so we make sure to thoroughly discuss with you your concerns and desired results. Taking your “before” photos is also a must, as these are used to evaluate the results after the treatment.
  • Step 2: Preparation. Your practitioner will sterilize and mark the areas to be injected. They will also provide you with both topical and injectable lidocaine (anesthetic) for a pain-free procedure. A cold compress before and after the treatment is also available to minimize any discomfort.
  • Step 3: Administering the injectables. To ensure comfort, a thin needle will be used in injecting tiny amounts of Botox on the target areas. The number of injections depend on the extent of the area being treated, as well as the severity of lines or wrinkles. The whole procedure – including the assessment and preparation – can take less than 30 minutes.

After the treatment

What can you expect after having your Botox procedure in our Portland/Vancouver, WA center?

  • You can immediately return to your normal activities. No downtime is needed after a Botox treatment, and you can quickly go back to work or to your usual routine after your appointment. However, we do advise our patients to avoid strenuous exercise, excessive heat, and massaging the treated areas for at least 24 hours.
  • You may experience minor side effects. There may be some pain, swelling, or bruising at the injection sites, but they shouldn’t last more than week. They can also be minimized if you follow our pre-treatment and after treatment instructions.
  • Be prepared for a short waiting time before you see the full results. Results may start to show after 48 hours, but on average, Botox starts to take effect 10 to 14 days after the treatment. Optimal effects show around two weeks after the injections and can last for 4 to 6 months.

Let’s answer some FAQs!

Why is Botox so popular?

Botox became a household name because of its long history as a well-established and trusted brand.

Before it was used in medical aesthetics, Botox was already an FDA-approved therapeutic treatment for various medical conditions. As it blocks nerve activity in the muscles, doctors prescribe it for such problems as an overactive bladder, urinary incontinence, chronic migraine, and more.

In 2002, it became the first botulinum toxin medication to be FDA-approved for cosmetic purposes. Originally given the green light only as treatment for glabellar lines, it has since been approved for use in improving crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles.

With its accessibility and long and proven track record as a safe and effective procedure, Botox remains the top injectable in the field of medical aesthetics.

Is Botox safe?

Yes! Besides being the first medication of its kind to be FDA-approved for aesthetic treatments, Botox is backed by more than 16 years of published studies and clinical trials.

  • Botox is approved for aesthetic use in 95 countries, becoming the #1 selling treatment of its kind around the world
  • Botox has been proven safe and effective for treating moderate to severe facial lines by 528 peer-reviewed articles published in scientific and medical journals
  • As of 2019, around 100 million vials of Botox had been sold in the United States alone

How much do Botox treatments cost?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of botulinum toxin injections as of 2020 is around $466, but this varies greatly depending on factors like the severity of fine lines or wrinkles, how aggressively you want to treat the areas, and your practitioner’s expertise and services.

At Faces in Bloom, we offer competitive pricing in the Portland/Vancouver, WA area. On average, our patients receive 30 to 60 units in one treatment session. You can purchase units with no commitment at $13/unit or receive a discounted $11/unit by signing up for our loyalty program.*

*Note that prices on this website are to be used only as a guide and not a definite cost for your treatment. Prices can change at any time.

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