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The Best Sunscreens For Everyday

I think one of the most common patterns I’ve noticed since working in the skincare industry is the under utilization of sunscreen. I've wondered, “Why is this the case?" Is it because it leaves a white residue on your face? Is it because we...

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Fishing for Love

If you have stumbled upon this blog post, welcome to the full story of how Faces in Bloom came to be… Sarah and I, co-owners of Faces in Bloom, found love in the most picturesque way. Sarah was working at a local hospital as a Registered...

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Why Do I Need A Skincare Specialist?

Deciphering through skincare products online can be more than intimidating. Does the product actually do what it claims? Are the reviews credible? You may have even thought, “my best friend uses this and loves it, but her skin is different th...

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